I have a VF email template and in apex I want to get it's content and will replace its merge fields. I am using below code but it gives null value.

EmailTemplate et = [select body,htmlvalue,templatetype from emailtemplate where id='00X60000004GK1SEAW'];
system.debug('body-'+et.Body); // gives me null
system.debug('html-'+et.htmlvalue); // gives me null
system.debug('html-'+et.templatetype); // gives me visualforce

Can anyone tell me how to get content of VF template here?

  • in order to get the content you need to set email messaging targetObjectId and setwhatId – Ratan Paul Jan 6 '16 at 6:21
  • @Ratan - I don't want to send any email. I just want to preview email content to the User. It works fine with HTML template but not with VF template. – doga Jan 6 '16 at 7:02

I can suggest a workaround like this:

Getting Email's Html body

Here, in this link, @Pieterjan Carly, didn't send actual email. However he used a feature of Salesforce, when we use SEND method, it automatically creates Email Body.

Now, Solution to your problem:

  1. Get EmailTemplate
  2. Set merge fields
  3. Send dummy mail and rollback it
  4. As of now,you got exact body, store it in a STRING
  5. Set that stored string on VF, so that you can show the EmailTemplate preview in VF
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