I am trying to use Apex to control which component to show inside a <apex:dynamicComponent> but I don't want to hardcode the component names. So my question is, how can I reference the component by name dynamically in Apex? Is there a map/list somewhere that returns all components that I can then iterate over?


After exhaustively searching around this topic I finally found what appears to be the answer:

Loading a custom component into a Visualforce page dynamically

Dynamic components on a Visualforce page

P.S. I have been searching using variations of "dynamic visualforce" as keywords but none had returned the above thread. In fact it wasn't only after I googled for "ApexPages.Component abstract class" that I saw it!


You could query the ApexComponent object. This will give you all VF components available.

I would suggest some sort of naming convention for the ones you would like to have available for dynamic use. This way you can separate them from other VF components

  • Do you know if I can get an instance of the component as well? – Mossi Dec 30 '15 at 21:25

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