I was testing case comments, and noticed that every time a case comment is created, the customer gets an email notification about the comment. When the customer replies to that email (comment notification), it can either be set to go to no-reply@salesforce.com or to the case owner (myself - admin).

I was wondering, would it be possible to change the FROM (REPLY-TO) email address for case comments that the customer receives? such that when the customer replies, it should go to any email address that I set and/or to Salesforce?

I did my research, played around with all possible configurations in Support Settings and Email-to-Case but couldn't find a solution. Kindly help.


This can be achieved using org wide email address

If your organization requires users to share a common email alias, you can define a list of organization-wide addresses for each user profile. Organization-wide addresses define a common email address that a user profile can use. When sending email from Salesforce, users with these profiles can choose a different From address than the email address they have defined. Replies are delivered to the organization-wide address. For example, assume your organization has several users under a single Support Profile. A Support Profile can be associated with an email address called support@acme.com and a Display Name of Acme Support. When Support Profile users send an outbound email through Salesforce, they can choose to have their From address appear as support@acme.com instead of their own Salesforce email address. The highlighted sections in the following image represents the changes to the From address and Display Name that the recipient of an email might see: enter image description here After an organization-wide address is verified, it is available as a From address when sending an email or an email alert.

  • Thank you for taking time to help. I actually have this implemented, and is working really well just the way I wanted. My issue was that I wanted a way to define/select a FROM address for outgoing COMMENTS NOTIFICATIONS as well such that when users (including outsiders) reply to that notification email, it should go to (FROM/REPLY-TO address) support@acme.com, and not to the comment creator or noreply@salesforce.com. I even reached out to Salesforce tech support, and was told this functionality is not available currently, and can be achieved only with custom programming.
    – Kaji Lama
    Jan 25 '16 at 20:58

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