After creation of a Custom object metadata with createMetadata(...), I want to add new lookup Custom Field to it additionally (not at the time of creation).

By using updateMetadata(...) method, I attach the Custom field details in analogy to like when creating a new Custom object with Custom field,

I get successful response with no error for the metadata update,

but new Custom field is not added in Salesforce to the existing Custom object.

By updateMetadata(...) I can change static fields of the Custom Object, like Description, etc.. but I cannot add an additional custom field by applying its description in the fields array.

Can anyone advise is it possible to additionally append a new custom field after creation of Custom object using updateMetadata and what's the trick, if possible.

If it's impossible to additionally append a new custom field, please confirm that.

PS: With the same meta description of the new field I can add it at creation time with no problem, but not at update time.


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Yes, by creation of field specifying CustomObjectName.FieldName fullname. Update is not the right method, create will do the job.

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