I am hoping to use a Community template, however I am not quite sure if I'm able to turn this off:

enter image description here

I would really like to hide this message as I don't want the Community Users to see this when they look at the record. The only thing I can think of is to add Chatter to the Object and remove the Quick Actions from the page of the Community Users... however, they'd still see a "nothing is here" if no posts occur.

All of my finding has to deal with turning chatter on or off... can't find anything about this particular message :/


You can remove that by following these steps:

  1. Select "Record Detail page" within Page selection list (within Lightning Community Builder)
  2. Select Tabs component
  3. Set Tab 3 to "None" (refer screenshot below)

enter image description here


find the Class Id of the text tag and put in your CSS for site to hide it something like

.cuf-chatterNotEnabledText.cuf-center.uiOutputText {

display: none;


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