I have 4 custom objects for managing course schedules and am trying to find out how to write either a flow or query that will propagate the details to calendar rows for enrollees. This is what I have:

  • Object A contains the event name and start/end dates for the session it is offered for (example: Jan 1-June 30)
  • Object B contains days and times (multiple rows for each day/time) * Mondays 8-12 * Thursdays 9-1
  • Object C contains the contact ID's that need to get the entries created on their calendar
  • Object D should be a row for each occurrence of the course for the contact from Jan 1-Jan 30.

I'm new to SF so have only done basic workflows and haven't done any APEX code so looking for guidance. Thank you


You can use Process Builder to create new Event records. Provided the objects that you describe are related, you could start the creation of records the moment you save a new course or training.

enter image description here

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