If I run

SELECT Id, Name, OwnerID FROM Contact

in the developer console, I get

enter image description here

I assume that most of these contacts (except Tom Jones who I added) are default test data added to my DEV account?

However, if I go to the Salesforce1 app and go to the Contacts page, I only see Tom Jones.

Since they all have the same OwnerID, why don't I see the other contacts from Salesforce1?



By default, Salesforce1 only shows you recent items; here's the default view:


After you choose a new view, you'll get more records on the screen:



Salesforce1 shows recent visited contact list view on load. If you will search for any specific contact in Salesforce1 that new contact will appear and if you will open Salesforce1 app again you will see that contact in your list view with Tome Jones.


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