I'm trying to implement the accepted answer given here

Including SVG in a Lightning Component

which uses afterRender to change the component's DOM.

Except for me, I cannot get afterRender to get called.

My code in the componentRenderer.js file is

afterRender: function(component, helper) {

but nothing happens.

I changed the function name to render, eg.

render: function(component, helper) {

and that IS called.

So what could I possibly be doing wrong? There's nothing in the JS console.


UPDATE: it is called if I remove the afterRender that I have in the containing .app. Smells like a bug in SF. Fortunately for me I can live without the afterRender in the .app

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You need to call the this.superAfterRender(); in your afterRender call.


In case this helps anyone else:

afterRender has to go in the Renderer of your lightning component, not the Controller or Helper.

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    Very well spotted. A renderer file is part of the component bundle and is auto-wired if you follow the naming convention, <componentName>Renderer.js. For example, the renderer for sample.cmp would be in sampleRenderer.js
    – dev4life
    Jan 7, 2021 at 14:39

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