I have 2 specific questions w.r.t creating a data extension using SOAP -

  1. Can I somehow specify the folder name where I want to create it? Which property/tag I can use?

  2. Can I also specify the permissions that this data extension should have? I want to share this data extension with a particular business unit. Can I specify that in my SOAP call?

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For the folder, I suggest taking a look at the documentation. CategoryID is the Property that represents the folder. The DataFolder Object will give you all of the folders.

API Objects

DataExtension Object

Sidenote: Here's a trick for finding the CategoryID in the SFMC interface. If you hover over the folder name, the link in the browser status bar will show the ID.


Regarding the permissions, I'd suggest just creating the Data Extension in the specific business unit in order to restrict the visibility. There may be other ways to accomplish that, but I don't think you'll find much info on object-level permissions.

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