I'm calling javascript method from apex:inputcheckbox but facing an error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: disableChebox is not defined

Please help me, as I'm not able to understand why I receive this error.

code :

<apex:pageblockTable value="{!DisplayServices}" var="d" id="pt1">
    <apex:column headerValue="Select Included Services" id="col1">
        <apex:inputCheckbox value="{!d.isSelected}" id="chcbox" onclick="disableChebox('{!mp[d.serviceName]}','{!d.serviceName}','{!$Component.chcbox}');myFunction('{!mp[d.serviceName]}');"/>

<scrip type="text/javascript">
function disableChebox(xx, name, selectedId){
     var x=document.getElementsByName('abc')[xx];
     if(x.disabled == false){
     x.disabled = !x.disabled;
     var selectedd = document.getElementById(selectedId);
     if(name== "Advisory Services" && selectedd.checked){
         if(document.getElementById("pg:form:pgbr:rp:2:ae") != null){
             document.getElementById("pg:form:pgbr:rp:2:ae").style.display = 'block';
    if(name== "Advisory Services" && !selectedd.checked){
        if(document.getElementById("pg:form:pgbr:rp:2:ae") != null){
            document.getElementById("pg:form:pgbr:rp:2:ae").style.display = 'none';

function myFunction(xx){
    var total=0;
    var x=document.getElementsByName('abc');
    for(var a=0;a<x.length;a++){
        total = parseInt(total,10)+parseInt(x[a].value,10);
    if(total >100){
        showMessage('ERROR', 'Total is greater than 100.Current percentage value is '+total);
        showMessage('Clear', '');
    return false;


NOTE :I also tried by giving simple javascript method which will execute just alert statement, then also I got same error.


Honestly you would be better off doing this with unobtrusive listeners so you do not have to add functions to the window. I usually use jQuery just to ensure cross-browser support. Also take a look at Self Executing Anonymous Functions

<apex:inputCheckbox className="myCheckbox" />
    (function ($) {
        $(function () {
            $('.myCheckbox').click(function () {
                // do stuff

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