When a previously closed case is re-opened, we would like the case to get pushed to the existing case owner in the same way a new case does. They key here is getting a notification through Omni-Channel so that the agent doesn't have to remember to go back to their personal queue and check for re-opened cases.

Simply re-opening a case does not invoke a notification. Changing the owner to a non-omnichannel queue and then re-assigning back to the original owner does not invoke a notification either. Re-opening the case and assigning to an omni-channel queue does cause a notification....however, we want the case to stay with the currently assigned owner/agent, not to get re-assigned.

We are happy to use any combination of workflow and apex to invoke the notification.

  • Would adding the record to AgentWork ensure, the next case pushed to the agent (when the status becomes Available) is the reopened case? – Rohan Jadhav Jul 6 '16 at 20:32

It is possible to create an AgentWork record through APEX for a agent. This what normal Omni-Channel routing does, so it causes all of the normal notifications and auto-push behaviour.

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