Need some help. I know how to create test class for a apex class that expects inputs. How do you create a test class for a controller that is just performing a query and has no inputs?

Here is my controller:

public class CongaReportController {


    public List<user> getCongaUsers() {

        List<User> results = Database.query(
            'SELECT Name FROM User ' + 
            'WHERE Id IN (SELECT UserId FROM UserPackageLicense WHERE (PackageLicense.NamespacePrefix = :APP_NAMESPACE_PREFIX)) ' +
            'ORDER BY Name ASC'
        return results;


The VF Page

<apex:page Controller="CongaReportController" showHeader="true" sidebar="true">

    <apex:pageBlock title="Conga Licensed Users">
        <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!CongaUsers}" var="LIC">
            <apex:column value="{!LIC.Name}"/>


As stated in title, this page is accessed via a Related list View button.

So how do I test this?


The only thing you can test (based on the code) is the number of users returned by the method getCongaUsers() (negative/positive). In general your test class could look like this (simplified example):

CongaReportController con = new CongaReportController();
System.assertEquals(XX, con.getCongaUsers());

BUT you might want to prepare a test data first. Based on the code provided it could be the following objects:

  • User
  • UserPackageLicense

So the complete test class looks then like this:

Create User
Insert User
Create UserPackageLicense and associate it with User-Id
Insert UserPackageLicense

CongaReportController con = new CongaReportController();
System.assertEquals(XX, con.getCongaUsers());
  • If I follow your second suggestion am I supposed to put in 1 for the XX value of your assert statement? I will have more licensed users than that so I am not sure I am interpreting your code correctly. – Matt M Dec 15 '15 at 17:50
  • 1
    mocked UserPackageLicense is going to have to be associated to PackageLicense with namespacePrefix = 'APXTConga4'. PackageLicense does not need to be mocked in the testmethod as they are visible even with SeeAllData=false. Then, XX = 1. Best practice would be to make APP_NAMESPACE_PREFIX @TestVisible so testmethod uses same constant to query for the Conga package as is used by prod code – cropredy Dec 15 '15 at 18:16
  • @MattM It is a best practice to NOT access a real data from a test class, that's why I've "created" a new user record. Since it is the only record available (assuming you are using SeeAllData=false) - you should set 1 to the assertion function (the method SHOULD return only one record, otherwise it will fail). – Sergej Utko Dec 15 '15 at 20:33

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