I'd really like to use on / off toggle switches on my VF / lightning pages rather than a checkbox. Such as these used in the lightning setup pages

enter image description here

Are these available to developers as part of the lightning design framework, I can't see them listed?

Any examples would be great, thanks!


I think you have to copy the html and css code from the salesforce page and implement your own component because there is no native / official toggle/switch component from the lightning design system at the moment.

Alternatively you could take a bootstrap switch component.

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  • Thanks, thats what I guessed. Seems strange they didn't include it since they clearly used it themselves. – Neil Dec 15 '15 at 20:23
  • @Neil Yep. Many of components are stil on the "beta" status, so I think we have to wait a bit till all of them will be implemented. – Sergej Utko Dec 15 '15 at 20:40

Try the checkbox toggle. I think it was added fairly recently.


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If you are using new Lightning web components or aura components you can have on/off switch by using lightning input component with type toggle

<lightning-input name="toggle" label="Toggle" type="toggle" message-toggle-active="toggle on" message-toggle-inactive="toggle off"> </lightning-input>


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