If I have two components (on a single page) that both reference the same JavaScript Static Resource using an <apex:includescript> tag, will the script be included twice?


If you use the same <apex:includeScript /> tag multiple times, the JavaScript will only be included once. Don't forget to use {!URLFOR($Resource.scriptJs)} :-)

Best to load your libraries using <apex:includeScript> and then perform any component-specific invocations inside <script>...</script> tags.

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If I remember correctly this is the only reason why you would use <apex:includescript> to avoid having the same javascript file included twice via components

Otherwise you would just use <script type='text/javascript' src='/resource/1233160164000/example_js'>, because that would run a bit faster, and you can place your <script> at the bottom of the page (this way your page will load faster)


Edit: For the person that downvoted me, this behaviour is actually described in the documentation: apex:includeScript

For performance reasons, you may simply want to use a JavaScript tag before your closing <apex:page> tag, rather than this component.

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