I have started using Mavensmate along with Sublime last week and I am missing the search feature.

I am referring to the search for Apex code and not the "Find" feature which already exists? So I did a google search and reached this page.

I haven't been able to locate any help on how to search for existing classes. I am wondering if there is a feature.


Search all files for a substring


Sublime: ctrl + shift + f

Eclipse: ctrl + h


Sublime: ⌘ command + shift + f

Eclipse: control + h

Search for a file by name


Sublime: ctrl + p

Eclipse: ctrl + shift + r


Sublime: ⌘ command + p

Eclipse: ⌘ command + shift + r

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If you are talking about searching for a class or page by name, then using

⌘ command + p for Mac.


ctrl + p on Windows

will open a metadata search prompt where you can find project files very quickly. This is the only way I open files using Mavensmate and Atom.

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