[email protected]:Customer%20Service

I have gone back and forth with this code, and cannot figure out why p3_lkid is not populating. The page that opens (relevant references) has:

<input type="hidden" name="p3_lkid" id="p3_lkid" value="5006000000PKSst" /><input type="hidden" name="p3_lkold" id="p3_lkold" value="00044430" /><input type="hidden" name="p3_lktp" id="p3_lktp" value="500" /><input type="hidden" name="p3_lspf" id="p3_lspf" value="0" /><input type="hidden" name="p3_lspfsub" id="p3_lspfsub" value="0" /><input type="hidden" name="p3_mod" id="p3_mod" value="0" /><span class="lookupInput"><input  id="p3" maxlength="255" name="p3" onchange="getElementByIdCS('p3_lkid').value='';getElementByIdCS('p3_mod').value='1';" size="20" title="Related To" type="text" value="00044430" /><a href="javascript:%20openLookup%28%27%2F_ui%2Fcom.................

It LOOKS populated, right? But here's the screenshot:

enter image description here


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Sorry for the wasted post. It figures that shortly after I post this, I dug some more and realized I was NOT populating the actual "TO" field. Fixed code below. Added p2_lkid element.

[email protected]:Customer%20Service&
  • Hey @AMM, I'm attempting to do the same - populate the To and Related To field from the Send Email button. I set both the p3_lkid for Related To and p2_lkid for To but I get an error saying I'm unable to access page because a parameter contains an invalid character or exceeds max length. Can I ask if you ran into this problem with your solution? The URL you have is pretty much exactly what I need and have with the exception of your CC field.
    – zainogj
    May 21, 2015 at 18:52

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