I have summary report chart. which is to be displayed in visual force page. Report is geting displayed. but when I try to add filter criteria it shows Error

[For the filter 1: Specify a valid filterable column because 00Ng0000001eiJ6 is invalid.]

<analytics:reportChart reportId="00Og0000000eIkt"  
filter="[{column:'00Ng0000001eiJ6', operator:'equals', value:'{!country}'}]"  size="medium" >

what do you want for the column?

if you want the field, then You have to give the API name as column:'(API_Name__c)'


I would look into coloumn countries__C to find what data type it is.Some fields may not be filterable.

Another think is check FLS of the field .If FLS is not visible this some times cause issues.

  • Countries__c in Picklist. when I generate report manualy filter criteria work. But when I do the same in VF page It doesnt work – SFDC shaikh Dec 11 '15 at 9:00

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