I'm reading through the Force.com Canvas Developer's Guide and on page #17, I see the following instructions:

 1. In Salesforce, from Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select Apps.
 2. In the Connected Apps related list, click New.

However, I don't see a "New" button in the Connected Apps list:

enter image description here

I have checked to ensure that I have "Customize Application" and "Modify All Data" permissions.

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enter image description here

Easy cookie :)

you are looking under Manage Apps. The doc says look for Apps, if you search in the quick find you should see Apps under the create menu

Go to setup --> Create --> Apps --> Connected Apps

you can create new connected app from here :)


Anyone looking for this in Lightning - search for "App Manager" in the setup quick-find. Then hit the "New Connected App" button.

enter image description here

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