Quick example to reproduce issue:

  1. Create custom object Address__c with lookup to Account. Add Address__c as a related list to Account standard layout.

  2. Go to Address__c page layout, click edit, click Custom Console Components, go to sub tab components, add Left Sidebar as a visual force page.

  3. Open Service Cloud Console, select Accounts, open account, scroll down to Address related list, click "New Address", new Address standard page is opened in subtab. Verify that Address page has a left sidebar.

  4. Override Address__c "New" standard page with custom visual force page - AddressNew.page

  5. Go to Console (please remember to switch to setup or other app before you will continue work with console, to reset it after previous changes), open Account, scroll down to Address related list, click "New Address".

  6. Address custom page is opened in new sub tab without sidebar.

My question is, why custom console components didn't show up when "New" standard page is overridden by custom VF page?


I think this is because you are overriding standard layout, when you override standard layout with vf page its associated components will no more be applicable on vf page. You might need to include your console component vf page in the vf page you are using as new record creation page.

  • It will lead to messy situation. When I include my sidebars into custom vf page then I will have a problem with "Save & New" button. After clicking Edit on standard View page, you can click "Save & New" then my custom page with custom sidebars included will open within standard sidebars. I think it's SFDC issue. I know that I can implement a custom vf pages with sidebars included but why should I pay for Service Cloud Console then? – dan Dec 5 '15 at 9:39

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