There are lot of links in my page. Of which most of them are to be opened in the same tab so, i have set the base target="_top" but For particular columns of link i need to open them in new tab. Please, tell me how to override this html functionality in my vf page.


  • Have you set target="_blank" for those link tags and tried? – highfive Dec 3 '15 at 10:35
  • yes..but the global html attribute is overriding it..so it is not working as expected – Krishna Bidwai Dec 3 '15 at 10:37
<div id="tableid">
  <a target='_top' href="something" class="newTabClass"></a>
  <a href="something"> another anchor</a>
  <a href="something"> another anchor</a>
 <a href="something"> another anchor</a>

    function addTargetTolinks()
        var anchors = document.getElementById('tableid').getElementsByTagName("a");
        for (var i in anchors) {
            if(anchors[i].className != 'newTabClass') 
                 anchors[i].setAttribute("target", "_top");

By using this you can set the target to all anchor inside tableId except the anchor with newTabClass class

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