In visual studio 2015 When I try to run the sample Salesforce contactexplorer application , I got the following error:

Here is my method:

function onDeviceReady() {
cordova.require("com.salesforce.util.logger").logToConsole("onDeviceReady:Cordova ready");
//Call getAuthCredentials to get the initial session credentials
cordova.require("com.salesforce.plugin.oauth").getAuthCredentials(salesforceSessionRefreshed, getAuthCredentialsError);
//register to receive notifications when autoRefreshOnForeground refreshes the sfdc session
//enable buttons

Here is my output:

> jslog: onDeviceReady: Cordova ready
> missing exec:com.salesforce.oauth.getAuthCredentials
> TypeError: Cannot read property 'getAuthCredentials' of undefined(…)
> TypeError: Cannot read property 'getAuthCredentials' of undefined
>     at module.exports.exec 
>     at exec (com.salesforce.util.exec.js:34)
>     at Object.getAuthCredentials (com.salesforce.plugin.oauth.js:56)
>     at onDeviceReady (index.html:64)
>     at Channel.fire (cordova.js:820)
>     at cordova.js:229 com.salesforce.oauth getAuthCredentials


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