I have several fields among them two fields are 1.Master and 2.Child and i have created dependency between them.I want to know that how can I get(preferably using Wokbench) all available values of Child corresponding of a Master record. I am new in Salesforce. It will be great if the solution is easy to implement.


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There are very limited means to access this information. As per SF Documentation this information is available using APIs.

Anyways, there are several posts about this topic

Get lists of dependent picklist options in Apex


Additionally, I am curious to know what will be your next step after accessing this information in Workbench?

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You can use this chrome extension to export the picklist matrix. This supports both classic and lightning. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/salesforce-dependent-pick/fpieolagnlkejcpejlbjgbdpaglffacj

The csv file when opened in excel has first column as controlling field and second column as dependent field. you can then filter as required.

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