I have a Lightning Component which loads in both Mobile(SF1) and Desktop, is there a way to detect the client(who is requesting Mobile or Desktop) based on the parameter value I need to render some attributes inside the component.

How could I go about this?


  • you can use javascript for this. – Tushar Sharma Dec 2 '15 at 3:40

The $Browser global value provider returns information about the hardware and operating system of the browser accessing the application.

Returns a FormFactor enum value based on the type of hardware the browser is running on.

  1. DESKTOP for a desktop client
  2. PHONE for a phone including a mobile phone with a browser and a smartphone
  3. TABLET for a tablet client (for which isTablet returns true)


    checkBrowser: function(component) {
        var device = $A.get("$Browser.formFactor");
        alert("You are using a " + device);



By using this way you can determine

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