I've already cleared DEV 401 exam this year February. i've also given two release maintenance exam. now for this winter release exam is chargeable 100$ should i give App builder translation exam or continue with DEV 401 .

Please suggest. any information will be highly appreciated.

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You need to first do the transition exam to app builder before you can take app builder release exams. Not doing so first, the App Builder release will not provide maintenance for your developer certification.

So you'll either have to pay again for developer release exames, or transform your dev cert to app builder first. Keep in mind that the dev cert may be retired in the future (guess on my part).

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I have both. I think having them both is a nice bump to your credentials and shows that you're keeping up to date. Besides, the old certifications, at some point, will go away.

Keep in mind that you will also have to pay $100 every third exam to renew the AppBuilder. As of right now, SFDC is charging to renew the "old" certifications and the "new" ones separately.

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You can give app builder exam because in this customization is also there. It will increase the wattage of you certificate.

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