Given a child event, how can I find it's parent?


We're working on a terminated user tool. One component of that is transferring future events for that user to their replacement. For child events (events a user was added as an invitee for) we'd like to remove them as an invitee and add their replacement as an invitee.

If an invitee is added to an event a new event is created with invitee as the owner and the isChild flag is set to true. However, based on the Event docs there there isn't a parentId field I can find that links the child event to the parent. What am I missing?


Its a bit confusing, but I think the EventRelation is the key. The child Event will have an EventRelation record with the EventId equal to the Parent Event and the RelationId for each User.

Task and Event Objects (Source)

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    I don't believe EventRelation can help here. For a meeting (parent) with multiple attendees you will have multiple EventRelation objects with eventId=parentId and relationId=userId (attendee). There wont be any EventRelation objects linking to any child events. Any other ideas? – user8225 May 29 '14 at 22:32

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