I have a duplicate rule (via Duplicate Management) on account. If an account looks like a duplicate, I have it set to Alert and Report but Allow the record to be inserted/updated.

For some reason, however, if an account that looks like a duplicate enters a flow (process) it will throw an error:

UPDATE --- UPDATE FAILED --- ERRORS : (DUPLICATES_DETECTED) The Dealer you are trying to create appears to be a duplicate. We recommend you use an existing Dealer instead.

I have also seen similar behavior when performing an insert/update/upsert via Data Loader. The record operation will fail with a similar warning.

So it seems that even though I have this rule set to Allow a possible duplicate, it is acting like it is blocking it instead.

How can I stop the errors caused by Duplicate Management (without disabling the rule)?


Not sure if you can set allowSave via flow. Might have to define an apex class to do inserts and call that class from the builder..


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