Please help - I want to count the list size so I will only render it in Visualforce page if > 0. My error is:Variable does not exist: getCasesInApproval at line 15 column 18
Vairable does not exist? I don't get - I just made a list. My Code:

public class MyConnectivityCasesSales {

    public MyConnectivityCasesSales(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {


   public List <Case> getCasesInApproval (){ 
       return [select subject, CaseNumber, Contact.name, owner.name, Reason, Account.name, Status, Approval_Status__c, LastModifiedDate   from Case where Salesperson__c =:userinfo.getuserId() and isClosed !=TRUE ];

  Integer size = getCasesInApproval.size();

  • getCasesInApproval isn't a List in scope, it's the name of a method... – Brian Mansfield Nov 19 '15 at 19:00

You can directly check the size in your visualforce page as follows

<apex:page controller="MyConnectivityCasesSales">
<apex:outputpanel rendered="{!CasesInApproval.size!=0}">
<!-- Show only if size is greater than 0 -->


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When referencing a list in visualforce you can directly access the size using the syntax: {!myList.size} You could then create a boolean statement in Visualforce with rendered="{!myList.size > 0}". Note that size is a property and not a function in Visualforce.

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