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What topics can I ask about here?

Salesforce Stack Exchange is for Salesforce administrators, developers, architects, and anyone else implementing and customizing Salesforce products. Our scope includes the core Salesforce platform and CRM application, all Salesforce clouds, including Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Analytics Cloud, Trailhead, and Quip. We also cover the Heroku platform itself, but not general programming questions on Heroku.

We encourage questions about any facet of implementing and customizing the Salesforce platforms. Whether you build using code or declarative customization, your questions are welcome here!

Questions and answers from users of all levels, from beginner to expert, are welcomed. All we ask is that, whatever your level, you make an effort to participate in our format, which is described below. This helps keep our community effective and valuable for everyone.

Salesforce Stack Exchange is not a forum. It’s a community knowledge base, built and curated by you. One of the key values of Salesforce Stack Exchange is maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio and ensuring that the questions and answers we feature provide value to everyone — not just the asker and the answerer, but the thousands of other users that come to Stack Exchange to find solutions to their own problems. We want a successful answer to be a clear, complete, and accessible reference for everyone who has the same problem!

To build that community value, we maintain a clear format, often summed up as "questions that have specific answers". While not every question fits this pattern in the same way, a general expectation is that a question post should include

  1. A specific, detailed description of the issue ("it doesn’t work" is not enough to allow the community to help).


  1. The implementation that led to the issue (the code, metadata, or design, in its current form).
  2. and/or the research and work you’ve done so far on the issue.

To learn more, please read "How do I ask a good question?" and "What types of questions should I avoid asking?".

Don’t worry if community members ask you to add information to your question or clarify your posts: we’re trying to help you ask the best question possible, to make sure you get a high quality answer and share value with the whole community. If you don’t understand right away, ask for guidance about what you need to do, and don’t hesitate to edit your post to add information and help the community understand your challenge.

There’s a few things we request that you not ask about or contribute to the site.

  • We’re not a place to exchange code or find implementation services. Questions that ask for the community to write code or provide step-by-step instructions for implementation are often not received well and are likely to be closed. The community is here to provide mutual support, so we expect to see the work you’ve done so far in your questions. Similarly, we ask that answers provide clear, written explanation, and don't merely consist of pasted code.
  • Because Salesforce certified professionals are bound by confidentiality agreements, we do not allow any content that is from, or looks like it’s from, Salesforce certification exams. Questions asking for certification content to be answered or explained are removed immediately and without exception.
  • Questions about how to pass Trailhead challenges are not on topic, because these challenges are intended to be independent demonstrations of your abilities. Trailhead Help can provide assistance for situations where Trailhead does not appear to be functioning correctly.
  • Please make sure that you never include real credentials, API tokens, or personally identifiable information from your database in your posts.
  • AI-generated content is strictly forbidden on Salesforce Stack Exchange, as it is on StackOverflow. You may not post questions or answers generated in whole or in part by AI tools.

If you have questions about what’s welcomed on SFSE, please feel free to ask a question on Meta Salesforce Stack Exchange, which is for questions about the site itself.