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Top new questions this week:

Automated Process User and AccessLevel.UserMode - Should It Lose Access?

Has anyone tried using the new user-level access DML operations with the automated process user, say in a platform event trigger? It seems as though calling Database.insert(records, AccessLevel....

soql automated-process user-mode  
user avatar asked by Matt Lacey Score of 3

SOQL : View details of CronTrigger.CronJobDetail.Name

I am trying to run this query to get the details of the Apex class for scheduled jobs. SELECT ApexClassId,Id,JobItemsProcessed,JobType,Status,NumberOfErrors,MethodName,CronTrigger.CronJobDetail.Name ...

apex soql  
user avatar asked by Endless Score of 2
user avatar answered by sfdcfox Score of 1

Is it possible to split up the LightningElement class into multiple files in LWC?

Description Let's say I have a class that extends LightningElement of ~450 lines of code. Now I want to split up the class into multiple files to manage the code. I do have some helper functions that ...

lightning-web-components javascript class  
user avatar asked by Z0q Score of 2
user avatar answered by sfdcfox Score of 3

How does the 'Where is this used' button/functionality work behind the scenes?

I was recently working on a similar functionality as 'Where is this used' and used the MetadataComponentDependency. The Salesforce standard feature does not show us fields referenced if the code is ...

apex custom-field  
user avatar asked by Apex Srinivas Score of 2

Using per subscriber callout from managed package

I'm creating a managed package that includes a callout to a custom REST API endpoint. Based on this conversation thread, it appears that the "new" External Credentials are not supported for ...

apex managed-package namedcredentials  
user avatar asked by JimG Score of 2

Using Apex, how do I monitor the daily @future limits?

This support article indicates that I have a limit of 250k @future methods per day. However, I can't find the corresponding Limit class function to monitor this limit. I've tried: System.debug(Limits....

apex governorlimits future  
user avatar asked by Jackson Sardello Score of 2
user avatar answered by Daniel Ballinger Score of 7

How to use SLDS Styles with LWC embedded in Visualforce

I am embedding a custom LWC in a Visualforce page, as described in Use Components in Visualforce Pages in the LWC Docs. It is working fine, except some styling is wrong/missing. For example, my LWC ...

visualforce lightning-web-components slds  
user avatar asked by Jason Clark Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Problem when deploying FlexiPages on Winter '22 org --> "The 'xxxx' component instance doesn't have an identifier specified."

When deploying a FlexiPage to a Winter'22 org I am facing this error: "The 'xxxx' component instance doesn't have an identifier specified." How can I fix it?

deployment flexipages winter22  
user avatar asked by Alba Rivas Score of 21
user avatar answered by Alba Rivas Score of 19

How do I build a SOQL query for records in a list of IDs?

Can some one correct my soql? I need to export records in data loader like: WHERE Id IN ('123123123','123123fsdf') But this following query does not work for me: SELECT Id, Syndication_Documents__c ...

soql data-loader salesforce-id  
user avatar asked by sfdc Score of 44
user avatar answered by Adam Score of 59

Where do I find the client id and client secret of an existing connected app?

Where do I find the client id and client secret of an existing connected app? The documentation talks about this information being provided when creating a new app, but what if my app already exists? ...

api oauth2 connected-apps  
user avatar asked by Michiel Borkent Score of 22
user avatar answered by highfive Score of 22

How to set a Date in apex test class?

I have written a test class in which I just want to set one date field. How can I achieve this? I am not able to set the value using the following code: Account acc=new Account(); acc....

apex unit-test code-coverage date datetime  
user avatar asked by uma451 Score of 15
user avatar answered by Markus Dang - formerly Slabina Score of 31

Salesforce CLI is not installed - it ain't so

In VS Code. Go to command palette and enter 'Create Project with Manifest'. Prompted for a folder and get these messages: Starting SFDX: Create Project sfdx force:project:create --projectname ...

user avatar asked by Dean Wooldridge Score of 10
user avatar answered by David Reed Score of 11

Authorizing Dev hub from IDE2 redirects to Localhost after Authorizing Dev Hub Org

I am setting up SF-DX using trial Dev Hub enabled Org and completed below steps: Set up IDE2 and Salesforce CLI. Added SFDX project. But when i am trying to Authorize my Dev Hub, it ...

user avatar asked by sfdeveloper Score of 6
user avatar answered by sfdcfox Score of 3

Data loader CSV Error: Can't read from CSV file

I am attempting to load using Dataloader and I am running into a "CSV Error: Can't Read from CSV file" on every attempt. Originally I successfully loaded some data without any error but now ...

data-loader data  
user avatar asked by user132532 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Claudio Alejo Score of 0

Can you answer these questions?

graphQl issue: OR condition not working

I'm having an issue with an Or condition in my graphql statement. It returns all orders where the Order_Status__c field is 'Quote', but not 'Waitlisted'. There are no errors, just the additional ...

lightning-web-components graphql  
user avatar asked by Michael Sobczak Score of 1

notifyRecordUpdateAvailable vs RefreshApex vs RefreshView API

RefreshApex works for me so far in almost every case. I'd like to understand why I would instead use notifyRecordUpdateAvailable or the RefreshView API instead. Or am I horribly misunderstanding the ...

apex lightning-web-components lwc-wire-adapter  
user avatar asked by Ethan Score of 1
user avatar answered by Ethan Score of 0

LastViewedDate field not available for Formula on Case

I'm experimenting with using the LastViewedDate field to create a sort of "inbox" user experience for list views, where records can be flagged for Users who have yet to open and view them. ...

formula-field case lastvieweddate  
user avatar asked by JustinF Score of 1
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