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Top new questions this week:

How to approach a very complex Batch class?

I am struggling with finding a blueprint (or a solution) to a batch class that would be run every 1-2 days and recalculate a checkbox on Event records which were updated within the last 2 days. Any ...

apex batch  
asked by dbase1 Score of 3
answered by Derek F Score of 3

How to distinguish lookup and master-detail in APEX

Is it possible to check using Apex, is relationship field type of lookup or master-detail? Schema.DescribeFieldResult.getType() for both of them returns simply 'REFERENCE'

apex relationships  
asked by Maciej Król Score of 3
answered by sfdcfox Score of 4

newlist empty on BeforeUpdate when using TDTM

newList and oldList is empty when using HED TDTM - unsure why... code snippet global class GM_TDTM_OpportunitiesDuplicateFilter extends hed.TDTM_Runnable { global override hed.TDTM_Runnable....

trigger tdtm  
asked by dzh Score of 2

How to use Cobertura and JUnit reporters with LWC Jest?

When creating a new SFDX project, the default Jest configuration for LWC unit tests looks like this: jest.config.js const { jestConfig } = require('@salesforce/sfdx-lwc-jest/config'); module.exports =...

lightning-web-components unit-test code-coverage test-setup lwc-jest  
asked by Sebastiano Vierk Score of 2
answered by Sebastiano Vierk Score of 2

Anonymous code to run a bulk update

I have three objects, namely Tests, Grant, and Grant Contracts. Here in Tests object I have given a lookup to Grant and Grant Contract. I have also given a lookup in Grant Contract to the Grant object....

apex lookup master-detail execute-anonymous anonymous  
asked by JK123 Score of 2
answered by sfdcfox Score of 2

Data Extension Caching when doing Lookups

Script description: There is a script that aims to retrieve up to 200 records from the Data Extension, perform some manipulation with retrieved values and lastly delete processed records from the ...

marketing-cloud ampscript ssjs  
asked by Niko Score of 1
answered by Adam Spriggs Score of 1

Flow firing twice

I am building a Flow to send an email when certain fields on an object (part of a managed package) are changed. This will typically fire when a user interacts with the object (via a custom page that ...

asked by StevieP Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to check in Apex if a Text field is blank

I'm unsure what's the shortest and most robust way to check whether a Text field is blank / empty? /*1*/ Boolean isBlank = record.txt_Field__c == ''; /*2*/ Boolean isBlank = record.txt_Field__c == ...

apex string isblank  
asked by Robert Sösemann Score of 45
answered by Andree Wille Score of 74

How does everyone handle "," comma within a field in csv file while importing it

I am trying to import a csv file and parse the csv file. I have the code working fine, except where we have a "," within a field in the csv. While reading the csv its considering the comma as the ...

asked by Prady Score of 7
answered by Shumon Saha Score of 9

How to retrieve ALL metadata in vscode

I'd rather not have to type out all the metadata types in the package.xml but i'm not seeing any other way to do it?

apex api  
asked by ensir Score of 13
answered by Vignaesh Ram Score of 21

How do you define an element with an ID attribute using LWC?

I'd like to be able to link to certain portions of my page using URL fragments, eg: <h3 id="overview">Overview</h3> ... <a href="#overview">Go to Overview</a> Unfortunately ...

asked by Brendan Roy Score of 20
answered by sfdcfox Score of 29

What Happens When A Lead Is Converted?

I'm new to SalesForce. What happens when the Convert button on the Lead Details page is clicked? I've read that The lead is marked as 'closed'. An Account object is created. An Opportunity tied to ...

asked by IanT8 Score of 14
answered by varun guruvugari Score of 18

Deploy lightning web component is getting failed with error - "--json --loglevel fatal ended with exit code 1"

I am trying to deploy a lightning web component to the org using vs-code but getting the error. Starting SFDX: Deploy Source to Org 10:09:14.43 sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath d:\Aakriti\...

salesforcedx lightning-web-components vs-code  
asked by Aakriti.G Score of 10
answered by Manvendra Singh Rathore Score of 20

Creating a custom list-view button that handles multi-record selection

I would like to create a custom button for a list-view that applies the same action to all the selected records in the list view. For instance, in the Cases list-view there are the Change Status and ...

visualforce list-view custom-button  
asked by Joe Score of 32
answered by Andrew Fawcett Score of 63

Can you answer these questions?

Opportunity Access issue in Aura component after Summer'22 release

After summer'22 release, our community homepage is not rendering properly. After looking into the issue, we feel that it is related to Opportunity object access for "Customer Community Login"...

apex lightning-aura-components community aura summer-22  
asked by AbhishekDEV Score of 1

With customer community license, share record with 2 contacts

On case, I have 2 lookup fields on case: Contact and Case_Contact__c The contact will always be the person who is creating case. The case contact can be any contact selected by customer. Once a case ...

apex community sharing customer-community customer-portal  
asked by Rabb Score of 1

Can I obtain refresh token with user-agent-flow?

From the documentation I understand that the answer is yes: But if I try I can't get it. I am working ...

integration oauth2 user-agent  
asked by mmadd990 Score of 1
answered by mmadd990 Score of 0
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