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Top new questions this week:

Upgrading multiple packages at once

I see a lot of people pushing a code base of "Happy Soup" of packages. However, there is a common dependency management use-case that I haven't seen a solution for. Deployments that requirement ...

salesforcedx package unlocked-package  
asked by NSjonas 6 votes
answered by Dileep 0 votes

LWC - How to communicate property changes down the hierarchy

By following a tutorial (How to use custom LWC lightning component in lightning-datatable) I was able to extend lightning datatable and insert a button into the final column. Now, I am currently ...

javascript lightning-web-components lightning-datatable lightning-button  
asked by DylanR 4 votes
answered by Isuru Buddhika Herath 1 vote

Real time updates shown on record fields without user refresh

I was wondering if there is any way to show a real time update by a callout which fires, let's say an async method called from a trigger. Scenario: User updates something on the account record ...

apex lightning-web-components integration webservices  
asked by Atlas Can 4 votes
answered by Atlas Can 2 votes

static collection variable not accessible elsewhere

Does anyone know why I can't do this? Here's a domain class public class Opportunities extends fflib_SObjectDomain { public static Set<String> DIRECT_RECORD_TYPES = new Set<String> { ...

apex variable-scope  
asked by Todd 4 votes
answered by Adrian Larson 3 votes

sfdx-cli npm package install not using the proper sfdx version

When installing sfdx with npm in a docker (npm i -g sfdx-cli), there is a mismatch between the sfdx version shown by sfdx --version and the version used by sfdx commands. sfdx --version show ...

salesforcedx node.js versioning docker  
asked by Jeremie Robert 4 votes

LWC: Inside an HTML template for-loop, set loop variable property to new user-typed input element value?

I'm trying to write a Lightning Web Component (yay, first one). Still in the "proof of concept; can I get user input to propagate around the page?" stage. I have a List<MyApexWrapperClass> ...

javascript lightning-web-components html javascript-controller template  
asked by k.. 3 votes
answered by Pranay Jaiswal 1 vote

Manage Transactional & Promotional MobileConnect sends

We need to send two types of messages to our contacts. Giving the fact that there is no such thing as Transactional SMS sends in Marketing Cloud, we've decided to create two keywords: NOTIF: to be ...

marketing-cloud mobileconnect  
asked by Rachid Mamai 3 votes
answered by RafaƂ Wolsztyniak 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Relationship between account and contact

I checked 'Account Name' field in Contact object. It appeared as a Lookup(Account). But when I deleted that account, contact also got deleted which tells me it is a master-detail relation. Can anyone ...

asked by MnZ 13 votes
answered by pchittum 17 votes

What would be the best approach to get the recordtype id

I know of two approaches to get the recordtype id of a particular record type Use SOQL RecordType RecType = [Select Id From RecordType Where SobjectType = 'Account' and DeveloperName = ...

apex record-type  
asked by Prady 53 votes
answered by zachelrath 70 votes

How can I efficiently generate a Set<Id> from a List<SObject> structure?

I have a bit of code where I've written a SOQL query that returns a list of SObject records, however I need a Set<Id> structure to pass to another method that I don't have control of (and thus ...

asked by ca_peterson 99 votes
answered by ca_peterson 151 votes

How can I get a debug log for the sites guest user/public profile? [updated for Spring 18]

Normally, you can put debug monitoring on a user by name to see the details on the error they're getting (especially for the non-descript Error Loading a Visualforce Page). But when you are trying to ...

visualforce debugging  
asked by Shane McLaughlin 46 votes
answered by Shane McLaughlin 82 votes

Export Results from Developer Console - Query Editor?

I'm a huge fan of the Query Editor in the SFDC Developer Console: Is there a way to export the table of results as JSON/csv/excel or in some format that can be consumed by Excel? (I know that I ...

asked by Benj 28 votes
answered by Jeremy Nottingham 23 votes

What is the difference between Process builder and workflow?

I am learning process builder, I am getting confused then what is the difference between process builder and workflow. I mean when to use workflow and when to use process builder? If possible please ...

workflow process-builder  
asked by Anu 15 votes
answered by Robin De Bondt 20 votes

Getting the URL parameter into Lightning component using the "{! paramName}" expression

I am new to communities in lightning and I am trying to figure out a way to directly fetch the URL parameters into the lightning component attributes using the {! urlParamName} expressions. for ...

lightning-aura-components lightning url expressions  
asked by Tarique Shamim 15 votes
answered by Ranga 22 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Need to know approach on best way to develop Salesforce SDK app with fully functional offline capabilities

We have requirement to build mobile with fully functional offline capabilities. As currently Salesforce1 has limited offline functionalities. We have decided to use the Mobile SDK to build the custom ...

community salesforce1-app mobile sdk  
asked by ASHISH 1 vote
answered by Todd Halfpenny 0 votes

Image cannot be displayed because it contains errors

I have a page that contains images stored in static resources. They are inconsistently displaying. I just tried to manually display the image that isn't displaying. I receive the message: The image ...

static-resources images  
asked by Michele Kleinhomer 1 vote

Problem with trigger time executions

I have 2 triggers after insert wich call one apex class each one. One of them call an apex class for make a query to get an Id from the first trigger execution. I need this ID to match two differents ...

asked by Emanuel Mayo 1 vote
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