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Top new questions this week:

How can soft managed package dependencies be handled in packaging 2?

We have a managed package under development that makes significant use of dynamic SOQL and the map-like methods of SObject so the package can work with multiple "other" managed packages, and those ...

managed-package salesforcedx packaging-2  
asked by Keith C 8 votes

Not being able to reference packaged custom LWCs from other LWCs outside the package

This restriction referenced from Distribute Components on AppExchange: A custom Lightning web component can’t access a Lightning web component or module in a custom namespace. It can access ...

lightning-web-components managed-package isv  
asked by Keith C 7 votes

How do I get started working with JSON in Apex?

This is a canonical question and answer developed by the community to help address common questions. If you've been directed here, or your question has been closed as a duplicate, please look through ...

apex json canonical-qa  
asked by David Reed 6 votes
answered by David Reed 7 votes

Help setting up my development environment for building a custom community for existing org

I'm a volunteer developer working with a non-profit to help them implement a "donor account" functionality to let their donors view their past contributions and projects they've contributed to. The ...

salesforcedx lightning-community community-builder npsp  
asked by Lothaire Ruellan 5 votes
answered by David Reed 2 votes

Can an @AuraEnabled method be added in a managed package patch release?

I have a managed package with an LWC component. I need to enhance this LWC in a patch to allow it to receive some additional data during its initialization, which is done using an @wire. The data ...

lightning-web-components managed-package patch wire aura-enabled  
asked by Phil W 5 votes
answered by Sebastian Kessel 4 votes

Determine whether SObject(Entity Definition) can be used in Metadata Relationship field type on Custom Metadata Type

When creating Custom Metadata entries (especially via API) with relationship fields into other objects, you are limited to certain SObjects that can be used. The Custom Metadata implementation guide ...

metadata custom-metadata  
asked by dzh 4 votes
answered by Christian Carter 0 votes

How do I tell if a custom metadata type field is a Field Definition?

I have the following code: public static void getFields(){ SObject obj = (SObject) Type.forName('Health_Cloud_Integration_Settings__mdt').newInstance(); DescribeSObjectResult describe = ...

custom-metadata describesobject sobjecttype  
asked by MetadataBaiter 4 votes
answered by Mohith Shrivastava 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to get the current User Profile in Apex Class?

What is the right way to get the current users profile in an apex class? When I tried to print the following in visualforce page, i am able to get the profile name <apex:outputText ...

asked by Arun 15 votes
answered by Mohith Shrivastava 29 votes

Using sObject.get() to fetch a field value from a related parent object

I have a contact in a generic sObject in apex and while I'm able to easily get detail field values using sObject.get('MyContactField__c') I'm not able to get fields off the related parent object, ...

apex sobject  
asked by greenstork 44 votes
answered by eyescream 69 votes

Apex List For Loops 101

I just have a simple question about how list for loops work that has been bugging me. Does the for loop variable refer to the actual list item? Here's what I mean: Say I have a list of accounts. ...

asked by Aaron P. 52 votes
answered by jkraybill 53 votes

list.IsEmpty() vs list.Size() > 0 vs list != null

I want to check the list is empty or not if not proceed further. So, which is preferable in apex and what are the differences between them? if(myList.size() > 0) or if(!myList.isEmpty()) or ...

apex list  
asked by sfdc 37 votes
answered by sfdcfox 65 votes

Get lists of dependent picklist options in Apex

I have a pair of dependent picklists. In Apex code, how can I determine what options are valid in the dependent field for each option in the controlling field? I've tried using getPicklistValues(), ...

apex dependent-picklist  
asked by Benj 60 votes
answered by Benj 57 votes

How does everyone handle "," comma within a field in csv file while importing it

I am trying to import a csv file and parse the csv file. I have the code working fine, except where we have a "," within a field in the csv. While reading the csv its considering the comma as the ...

asked by Prady 6 votes
answered by Shumon Saha 9 votes

How can I tell which release my org is running?

Usually you can tell what release (e.g. Winter '14) you are running under by looking at the logo in the top left, but if that has been customized or removed it's not an option. Is there some place in ...

asked by Ryan Elkins 43 votes
answered by greenstork 49 votes

Can you answer these questions?

refreshApex not always working

I have a parent LWC with a list of records and a child LWC which allows the user to perform actions on the record. The child uses dispatchEvent and CustomEvent to notify the parent after changes have ...

apex javascript lightning-web-components refreshapex  
asked by Robs 1 vote
answered by Robs 0 votes

Community Registration page displays "Login Template Title" on Social Media

I have built a Community portal with self-registration set-up. When sharing a link to the registration page on social media, the preview displays the page/site name as "Login Template Title" ...

customer-community self-registration seo  
asked by JustinF 1 vote

Unit Testing code with Database.savepoint and a queuable apex or future callout

Here is the scenario I'm running into. Is there any way to unit test a rollback where dml is performed followed by an async process? I understand that wrapping savepoint in if(!Test.isRunning()) is ...

apex callout future  
asked by Chris C 1 vote
answered by cropredy 0 votes
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