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Top new questions this week:

$Setup cannot resolve protected setting in managed package after Spring 2020

A custom button in a managed package uses a protected custom setting in the same package to retrieve a namespace: /apex/{!$Setup.Constants.URL_Namespace__c}PageName?param=value When installed with ...

custom-button error customsetting spring-20  
asked by ipavlic 8 votes

Apex Triggers and Order of Execution doc - System Validations

I thought I knew this stuff but in Triggers and Order of Execution Step 2 Loads the new record field values from the request and overwrites the old values. If the request came from a ...

before-trigger required-field  
asked by cropredy 5 votes

Add Community members via Apex?

Is it possible to add/change/delete Community members using Apex? I know how to do this via the UI (see picture below), but I'm looking to automate some things on the demo side of the business for ...

apex community security  
asked by Michael Sobczak 5 votes

Get Schema of all sObjects in one Api Call, like Schema Builder

I am building a web tool to get the schema of a particular sObject, or an entire org, and save it as a Json file using the SalesForce Rest API. To do this, I am first getting a list of all the ...

rest-api api schema schema-builder  
asked by Kartik Soneji 4 votes
answered by identigral 1 vote

Clean way to vary sharing at runtime in Apex?

I may need to make many @RestResource Apex classes run either with sharing or without sharing where that option is selected at runtime. But this approach (that I am using at present): /** * Allow ...

apex sharing without-sharing with-sharing  
asked by Keith C 4 votes

How to use public sites with SFDX and Unlocked Packages

I have some code which integrates with a third party service by exposing webhooks (REST Methods) via a public (non-authenticated) site. I'm trying to figure out how this should work as part of ...

salesforcedx unlocked-package  
asked by Jason Clark 4 votes
answered by Aidan 1 vote

Spring 20 LWC Cannot add a property x, object not extensible

After spring 20 release update in my sandbox i'm finding that non-cached apex response object cannot be extended and the lwc controller is throwing exception "Cannot add a property x, object not ...

community lightning-web-components  
asked by george thomas 4 votes
answered by auu 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between the "Salesforce" and "Salesforce Platform" licenses?

When creating or editing a Salesforce User, there is a picklist field that lets you assign a specific User License. In my Developer org, there are several options, two of which are confusing to me: ...

asked by Vivek M. Chawla 38 votes
answered by Vivek M. Chawla 37 votes

Sending Email notification using trigger

I have created two objects Flight and Flight Attendant with fields name,gender,email Having lookup between them..whenever I insert Flight Attendant via Flight Object then email alert should be sent to ...

asked by simmi 5 votes
answered by sfdc 6 votes

End of javascript sidebar workarounds? (Salesforce Classic / Aloha)

Reading through this doc: Docs.releasenotes.salesforce We replaced the rich text editor in HTML Area home page components with a new version that supports more markup but doesn’t allow HTML to ...

javascript visualforce-component home-page-component  
asked by Rao 151 votes
answered by Uwe Heim 137 votes

What is the best way to deploy profiles in Salesforce? (especially system admin)

What is the best way to deploy profiles in Salesforce? I have a system admin profile with access given to the objects that i have created in my sandbox. I have about 1000 fields across these objects. ...

deployment security permissions  
asked by Sathya 59 votes
answered by sfdcfox 45 votes

Retrieve API names of All object in Salesforce ORG using SOQL

How to write SOQL query to retrieve all the object Name and API names of Sobject in Salesforce

soql describesobject  
asked by Krishna Chaitanya 6 votes
answered by Ratan Paul 19 votes

Static method cannot be referenced from a non static context: List<String>

I believe this is a basic query and am missing something out. However am exasperated finding an answer to the issue and thus seek your guidance. The intent is to create a static method ...

apex class compile-error static  
asked by max steel 4 votes
answered by Keith C 6 votes

What's the benefit of the client secret in OAuth2?

In the OAuth 2.0 "Web Server" flow you are required to have a client secret, whereas in other flows you aren't. I can't find an explicit statement as to why you'd need to have a client secret. Is the ...

asked by Wes Nolte 25 votes
answered by sfdcfox 33 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Scan uploaded files for viruses

I have a public Salesforce Community that I use like Web To Case - for clients to create new cases in my org. For implementing that, I have developed a lightning web component that creates a case. ...

security fileupload file-storage virus-scanner  
asked by Itai Shmida 1 vote

VS Code SFDX Salesforce CLI Deployment issue

From VS Code when trying to run below command sfdx force:source:deploy --manifest c:\temp_worspace\temp-folder\manifest\package.xml --json --loglevel fatal Getting below error ...

salesforcedx deployment salesforcedx-cli  
asked by RCS 1 vote

How to get ApexLogs in an action called from LWC

I would like to know how to obtain the data that my apex method is generating step by step, system debugs. I have not seen any documentation on the internet which has some information of what I need. ...

lightning-web-components debug-logs apex-debugger  
asked by Diego Lucas Romero 1 vote
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