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Top new questions this week:

Understanding Salesforce DX project directory structure

So, every DX project by default roughly starts out like this: +---bin +---config +---data +---force-app +---main ¦ +---default ¦ +---classes ¦ +---components ¦ +...

asked by Semmel 4 votes
answered by Nathanael Schmolze 1 vote

How does Profile Attributes sync with Salesforce?

Similar to this question which doesn't have an answer, when and how does Marketing Cloud connector update 'synced' profile attributes? I created a new attribute called Language in Marketing Cloud ...

marketing-cloud marketing-cloud-connect  
asked by Deployment Failure 3 votes
answered by Swati Mishra 1 vote

Is it possible to select a default community when the root * domain is accessed (without the community URL prefix)?

Currently, my production org behaves this way: responds with 503, displaying a visualforce-based in-maintenance error page saying, " is ...

asked by jmrjulian 2 votes

Do I need to version package.xml?

Before DX I always had this in my .gitignore: /src/package.xml Now I am migrating to DX and a package.xml got created in my root somehow. Back in the days, I excluded the file because I thought that ...

salesforcedx git  
asked by Semmel 2 votes
answered by sfdcfox 4 votes

SOQL Query Returning Zero Rows on ContentDocumentLink (filtering on LinkedEntityId)

For my specific use case, I need to find all Content Documents on specific object records that meet a business requirement. However, when I filter by linkedEntityId on the contentDocument my soql ...

soql contentdocument contentdocumentlink  
asked by Davis Handler 2 votes

Consolidate Multiple Manage Packages With Dependency?

I am currently building a app to publish in market, done with with my development based on 2gp model, but I am confused on final package creation that Should i need to create single manage package ...

managed-package appexchange security-review unlocked-package  
asked by Ragul 2 votes
answered by Mohith Shrivastava 3 votes

How to use Detect Apex Runtime Context with RequestId and Quiddity

This is part of the Winter '21 release and I was wondering what are the use cases for this? Can I use it with the current debug logs to get a better picture of a transaction?

apex winter21 runtime-context  
asked by Json 2 votes
answered by Vinay 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the Difference Between Controllers and Extensions?

Can any one explain the usage of controller and extensions in Visualforce? In which scenario we have to use controller and extensions?

apex visualforce controller extension  
asked by Priyanka 38 votes
answered by pchittum 71 votes

How to write a unit-test / test class for trigger?

How do I write a unit-test / test class for a trigger? What are my options? Inline with the trigger? New Class?

apex trigger unit-test canonical-qa  
asked by Saariko 19 votes
answered by Andrew Fawcett 28 votes

What are Salesforce ID's composed of?

I remember seeing somewhere that IDs are composed of a few pieces. I always have a hard time trying to find that information when I'm looking for it. What I mean by the above is that the various ...

asked by Ryan Elkins 147 votes
answered by Daniel Ballinger 187 votes

System.FinalException: Record is read-only: Trigger.updateCompetitors: line 24

I am writing a trigger to get all the Opportunity competitors into a field on Opportunity, however, getting an error while testing it. Error: updateCompetitors: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: ...

apex trigger  
asked by user5208 23 votes
answered by Bob Buzzard 38 votes

What is the difference between Process builder and workflow?

I am learning process builder, I am getting confused then what is the difference between process builder and workflow. I mean when to use workflow and when to use process builder? If possible please ...

workflow process-builder  
asked by Anu 15 votes
answered by Robin De Bondt 21 votes

How to get salesforce instance url

To access chatter rest api using APEX code, I need salesforce instance server url in following format: Is there any method which works in all cases Case 1: Any ...

apex chatter  
asked by Ashish Narang 33 votes
answered by Adrian Larson 51 votes

How to check in Apex if a Text field is blank

I'm unsure what's the shortest and most robust way to check whether a Text field is blank / empty? /*1*/ Boolean isBlank = record.txt_Field__c == ''; /*2*/ Boolean isBlank = record.txt_Field__c == ...

apex string isblank  
asked by Robert Sösemann 39 votes
answered by Andree Wille 67 votes

Can you answer these questions?

LMA - unable to login on Subscriber org

Are you aware of any issue or new restriction introduced recently to log on Subscriber? I granted access to our company, logged out, and then logged in our LMA, then I opened the Subscriber using the ...

managed-package subscriber lma  
asked by Jeferson Chaves 1 vote

Contact duplicate rule condition is not working on Lead convert (Apex)

I have written custom Lead Convert apex class and vf page. I have a duplicate rule "active" on contact. The issue i am facing - When i try to convert a lead, contact duplicate rule's ...

apex contact lead-conversion duplicate-management conditional  
asked by Nail David 1 vote

'No component definition' warning for LWC even though I defined the component on VF page (Lightning Out)

I am using Lightning out to display LWC on VF page. I have included the definition of LWC on the VF page. Even then, my LWC loads very slowly on the VF page and I get the following warning in the ...

visualforce javascript lightning-web-components lightning-out  
asked by Koustubh 1 vote
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