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A mechanical engineer by education, I've been programming off and on in various languages since the days of punched cards. I've also been involved with 3D in some form or other since the mid 1980's.

A friend who's a Salesforce Architect introduced me to the platform in the fall of 2012, after which I began writing triggers, controllers for VF pages, HTML Templates and custom pages along with PDF controllers. With the current demand for Salesforce Developer talent, I expect an ever increasing amount of my time will be spent doing Salesforce related work.

I'm a member of the Dallas Salesforce Developer's User Group and am currently working towards earning my 501 certification. I'm an active member of a 401/501 Study Group that's an offshoot of the Dallas SFDUG. I can now be found on Twitter as @cloudmech.

Because of an interest in photorealism, I got involved in computer graphics on the PC in the mid 1990's which led me to the internet, web design and owning a DTP/Graphic Design company. In the late 90's I was a Sysop in the Adobe Forum on CompuServe then later became the Manager of WUGNET's Windows NT/2000 Forum on CompuServe until about 2001. During that period, I also wrote for NT Update and Web Update Journals. I regularly work with Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and other computer graphics software creating art and photorealistic animations whenever I have the opportunity.

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