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Using apex:outputLink or URLFOR(target, id, params) is great in Visualforce. But in Apex land I always see people looping through lists using EncodingUtil.urlEncode(param, 'UTF-8').

If System.Url doesn't have a parameter parser or builder, what's the best way to do it?

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This capability is available using the PageReference class. You can use the same mechanism to build query strings or parse the parameters out of one, without loops and a whole lotta script statements.

Parse an RFC 3986 URL query string

String query = '?password=Hunter2dog%26cat&';

System.PageReference pageReference = new System.PageReference('/' + query);
Map<String,String> parameters = pageReference.getParameters();

String password = parameters.get('password'); //Hunter2dog&cat
String username = parameters.get('username'); //

Build an RFC 3986 URL query string

Map<String,String> parameters = new Map<String,String>{
  'password' => 'Hunter2dog&cat',
  'username' => ''

System.PageReference pageReference = new System.PageReference('');

String query = pageReference.getUrl();

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Thanks. That is what I was looking for. – Patlatus Apr 9 '15 at 7:45

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