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I'm deploying a bunch of meta data, including profiles from an EE to a Developer org. I'm currently running into a dependency in the profiles referencing Case.IsSelfServiceClosed . it doesn't exist on the developer org. Is there a way of enabling this field? Or am I stuck manually modifying the profile meta data on the source org after every update?

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Go to Setup > Customer Portal > Enable Customer Portal, and create a new one. That should avail the fields.

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Thanks, user320. I solved this by simply not including Case in my package.xml in eclipse. This prevented the profiles from having Case related meta data. However, this seems like a equally good alternative, so I'll accept it. – James Loghry Feb 26 '13 at 14:44
I have community enabled. Isn't it enough? Should I also enable Customer Portal (which is obsolete) – Yury Jun 20 at 7:30

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