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I'm building an integration to a third party webservice, and wanted to implement Two Way SSL Certificates based on this article

We started out using Digicert certificates, but after many hours of investigation by the network team, it seems Salesforces does not have the necessary root and/or intermediate certificates in their keystore to support the Digicert certificates.

Once we switched to Verisign Certificates, it worked just fine.

If you end up here, hopefully our experience will lessen the injuries caused by banding your head on a table...unless someone else has been able to use Digicert?

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I think I bumped into a similar problem many moons ago - Experian root certs werent supported (only Root CA's trusted in the Java Keystore work) –  techtrekker Feb 20 '13 at 23:44
We are having this same issue, think its them not supporting the intermediate certs... Although their support claims they do. –  NSjonas Oct 2 '14 at 20:59

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The most complete list of trusted certificates that I'm aware of is here. It appears that at least some Digicert certificates are supported. Were your certificates any of the following?


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I know Salesforce supports at least some of the digicert root certificates as I have implemented this in production. I have blogged a 5-part article series on setting up two-way SSL authentication with Salesforce and you can find it here. Though this article deals with Salesforce and IBM Websphere Cast Iron, the technique and most of the steps applies to any other technology stack as well. Check it out to see if that helps.

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