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Is there a way to create a dashboard that has the format :

Region             Status (Rich text) 
North America      pending
Japan              o Yet to be approved
                   o Waiting for approval

I tried to use a tabular report as source by limiting the rows but I do not have a value (a number, boolean etc..)

I switched to matrix/summary but I am able to display only a record count

Is there a easy solution to just display 2 texts in the dashboard

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As far as I know - not without counter / other numeric.

If you can live with having a numeric column like that - it's pretty easy

final product

Create a new summary report, group by your 2 "factors". Add a chart to this report (I've used standard bar chart) and make sure the subgroup is represented on the chart (stacked, split, whatever. but it has to be there).

report chart

And then you need to explicitly select columns you want in the dashboard chart

dashboard component details

It won't save without "column 3" with numeric so I guess that's it...

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The only issue i hve wth this approach is that i still have to limit the rows , and having a rich text makes it harder because scroll bars do not appear on the dashbpard as the richtext gets bigger, this is a good solution but i think i woll create a vf page and yse a visualforce component :). This way i can use css and show a scrollbar – Rao Feb 19 '13 at 20:01
I'd say a RTF in a dashboard smells suspicious ;) But yeah, I'm afraid you have to go VF in that case. – eyescream Feb 19 '13 at 20:03

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