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Connected app section is missing in my developer account! Is there any permission I should enable to create connected apps in

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Look under App Setup | Develop | Remote Access - orgs that still show Remote Access rather than Connected Apps should be updated automatically over the next few days.

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You can try contacting Salesforce to enable it or just create a new one, it should be enabled there.

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This is related to Canvas. This is what the Canvas Developer Guide says


You need the appropriate access and tools to complete the quick start steps.

• Access to a Developer Edition organization. If you are not already a member of the developer community, go to and follow the instructions for signing up for a Developer Edition organization. Even if you already have Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition, use Developer Edition for developing, staging, and testing your solutions against sample data to protect your organization’s live data. This is especially true for applications that insert, update, or delete data (as opposed to simply reading data). Canvas is available in pilot and enabled in all new Developer Edition organizations. If you have an existing Developer Edition organization, and you don’t see the menu item Your Name > App Setup > Canvas App Previewer, contact

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Canvas apps are a subset of Connected Apps, so this is not just about Canvas – RichVel Jul 26 '13 at 10:18

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