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Is it possible to leverage relationships with Visualforce remoting, including one object as a property of another?


I've been playing around but always seem to get a VF remoting exception in the console with no useful information:

> Visualforce Remoting Exception:  VFRemote.js:118 $VFRM.Util.error
> VFRemote.js:118 (anonymous function) VFRemote.js:133
> VFRemote.js:52 a.Observable.fireEvent VFRemote.js:47
> _Visualforce.Direct._Visualforce.extend.onProviderData VFRemote.js:87 VFRemote.js:52 a.Observable.fireEvent VFRemote.js:47
> VFRemote.js:95
> _Visualforce.extend.handleResponse VFRemote.js:76 a VFRemote.js:39 (anonymous function)

I'm assuming that it's just not supported and I'm making the type-conversion routines throw a bit of a hissy fit, but it'd be good to know if it's just me doing something stupid.

Rough Code Example

If i Had ObjectA_c and ObjectB_c, where A has a lookup to B, is there a way to pass an instance of ObjectA_c to a remote method with an instance of ObjectB_c going along for the ride?

In the page

function ObjectA__c()
  this.Name = '';
  this.ObjB__r = null;              

function ObjectB__c()
  this.Name = '';


var b = new ObjectB__c();
b.Name = 'New B';

var a = new ObjectA__c();
a.Name = 'New A';
a.ObjB__r = b;

  function(result, event) {

In the controller

global static void UpsertA(ObjectA__c objA)
  upsert objA.ObjB__r;
  upsert objA;
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It is possible, although I'm not sure what the error message is that you are seeing.

I see an issue in the controller code. The Id reference field needs to be assigned after the first upsert is done.

global static void UpsertA(ObjectA__c objA)
  upsert objA.ObjB__r;
  // Add this line
  objA.ObjB__c = objA.ObjB__r.Id;
  upsert objA;

Here's a gist I put together with stripped down code that has it working.

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