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The Object Relationship is as below: DEAL (Parent, Private) -> WPV (Child) -> Check List (G Child)

The checklist Grand Child Object has a Field called Governance Lead which looks up to the standard User Object.

I would like to share the Check List record with the User chosen in Governance Lead Field automatically when the record is saved. Can I achieve this?

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Easiest answer - can you dump the "Governance Lead" and use standard OwnerId field ;) You didn't specify if the relationship is done with lookups or master-details (in m-d child objects won't have Owner field). Owner is best as it gives this user full access to the record.

Alternatively... criteria-based sharing won't work so I think you'd have to write a trigger that'd make entries in Check_List__Share table. Read about "Apex managed sharing". Just type this phrase into the Apex developer guide and read top 3 topics:

  1. Understanding Sharing
  2. Sharing a record using Apex (except in your case sounds like a trigger is better choice than a batch job)
  3. Recalculationg Apex managed Sharing
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Thanks for the quick response... It is a M-D relationship. I am thinking of the below... [1] Move Governance Lead Field to DEAL Object [2] Edit the Relationship Fields on both WPV, CHECKLIST Objects to give Edit access if the user has at-least Read on the parent record. [3] For Specific Profiles whose Job Function is to only have Edit/Delete access to Child Records, Give only R (out of the CRUD) for the Parent custom Object DEAL while all the CRUD for WPV & CHECKLIST Child Objects [...] – sKaLiDhAsAn Feb 9 '13 at 2:37
[4] Code a trigger to perform operations on DEAL__Share Object granting Read Access to Governance Lead. – sKaLiDhAsAn Feb 9 '13 at 2:38

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