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With the advent of enterprise level platform that Salesforce now provides, Data Migration and Integration now plays crucial scope role in any of Salesforce implementation.

I want to know what are the generic questions to be asked during Data Migration processes.

Example : DataStage, Informatica Cloud Services are some of top third party products that provide seamless Data Migration functionalities for Source/Legacy Systems data to be migrated to Salesforce. I want to know what are the points to be considered to approve these tools for any of Salesforce Data Migration Implementation.

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There are some very good resources out there on data migration in Salesforce. I recommend looking at the Data Migration Consultant Resource Center pages to get you going on planning a process/strategy. They have detailed information on Project Phases, Best Practices, Data Quality, Tools, and even some specific documentation on extracting from some common systems. It also has example templates for planning.

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Consider this

  1. Do they support relevant end points you need for migration
  2. Salesforce Bulk API support - Important for large volume
  3. Transformation features (e.g. filter rows, custom routines, RegEx)
  4. Learning curve

I use these tools 1. Talend - if familiar with eclipse and Java 2. Jitterbit - easy to use

Hope this helps

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