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Apex Data loader is loading previous date.

  • Salesforce Organization Default Time Zone is GMT+05:30
  • Salesforce User Time Zone is GMT+05:30
  • Apex Data Loader time zone is GMT+05:30
  • CSV, for Apex Data Loader, has date as 2013-01-01
  • Salesforce is showing 12/31/2012

Is this an Apex Data Loader bug, or am I missing something? Is is time to move to a different Data Loader?

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Not a bug. This is documented, make sure your source file has the dates with this format. (Specify the time)


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Thank for your time and answer. What is the T and Z in your DateTime format? Can you give me a sample DateTime in the format which you have mentioned? Thank you in advance. – Suman Krishna Saha Mar 23 '13 at 17:37
It specifies the time of the day and time zone. See this By the way, you will help other users by marking the original answer as such :) – PepeFloyd Mar 23 '13 at 18:04

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