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Possible Duplicate:
Add more than 1000 picklist values in visualforce page (controller 1000 list items limit)

i want to render apex:selectlist in visualforce page.with around 2000 options. but it is giving me this error .what's the solution for this error.

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You can only list maximum 1000 elements in visual force pages components.
You can use a paginator to show 1000 elements max per page.

public static Integer ROWS_PER_PAGE = 1000;
public Integer pageNum {get; set;}
public Boolean pageHasMore {get; set;}
public List<SomeObject> list {get; set;}
public List<SomeObject> paginatedList {get; set;}
public Integer pageNum {get; set;}
public Boolean pageHasMore {get; set;}  
public Integer firstIndex {get; set;}

public contructor(){
     pageNum = 1;
     list = YOUR_LIST_WITH_DATA;

public void paginateList(){
    paginatedList = new List<SomeObject>();
    firstIndex = tableRowsPerPage * pageNum - ROWS_PER_PAGE ;
    pageHasMore = pageNum < getTotalPages();
    for(Integer i=firstIndex; i<firstIndex+ROWS_PER_PAGE && list.size() > i; i++){
       paginatedList.add(list .get(i));

public void nextPage(){

public void previousPage(){

public Integer getTotalPages(){
   if(System.Math.mod(list.size(), ROWS_PER_PAGE ) == 0)
      return list.size() / ROWS_PER_PAGE ;
      return (list.size() / ROWS_PER_PAGE ) + 1;

Hope this helps ;)

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Thanks Ivo Rocha.But i dont need pagination. – Pankaj Jan 29 '13 at 12:02

Here is a nice solution, check it out: Work Around to Overcome Collection Size Limit of 1000 elements.

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