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We have set-up products with a USD and CND price. We have multi-currency set-up in SFDC. When I set an opportunity to USD and select products, it all works fine. But when I set the opp to CND, no products appear in the product list. How do I get to see and select products that have CND pricing?

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My experience with this is that

  • Standard Pricebook needs to have active prices for USD and CND for the product in question
  • Pricebook X needs to have active prices for both USD and CND for the product in question
  • Through the Add Products UI button, you select pricebook X
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That is correct. A single product can be offered in a single price book in multiple currencies, so there is no need to have separate price books. – sfdcfox Jul 12 '13 at 2:00

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