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I have a field on the contact called 'NPS Score'. I need a trigger that calculates the median of all contact NPS score's on the account. I have code to calc a median score, I am just not sure how to write the trigger. Someday I need to get to a class!!

List<Integer> testvalues = new List<Integer>();

// Insert some values

Integer sizeOfList = testvalues.size();
system.debug('size of list is '+ sizeOfList);
Integer index = sizeOfList - 1;
system.debug('the index is '+index);
Decimal median = 0.0;

// sort the list first

//Calculate median
if (Math.mod(sizeOfList, 2) == 0) {
   median = (testValues[(index-1)/2] + testValues[(index/2)+1])/2;
   median = testvalues[(index+1)/2];

system.debug('the median is: '+median);
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  1. download eclipse (if you don't already have it)
  2. create a sandbox (if it doesn't exist)

     https://na<your environment number>
  3. create the sandbox project in eclipse by adding a project.
  4. create a trigger called NPSSCore
  5. the creation of the trigger will pop a screen where you can select the object and the event.
  6. choose Contact as the object and "before insert" as the event.

    trigger NPSScore on Contact (before insert) {
         for (Contact contact :{
            <your code>
            contact.Median_NPS_Score__c = median;

There is no need with a before insert to do an update, just modify the object contained within the list and it will reflect your customization. You also need to create an Apex class that tests the trigger (for code coverage)

 class NPSSCore {
     static void test_npsscore(){
         Contact contact = new Contact(firstname='test',lastname='user',npsscore__c=5);
         insert contact;
         contact = [select Median_NPS_Score__c from Contact where id =];
         system.assertEquals(5, contact.Median_NPS_Score__c);

Deploy both the class and the trigger to production by selecting both files and selecting ->Deploy or by using change sets.

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+1 for starting off with download eclipse and including test code. – Greg Grinberg Jan 23 '13 at 20:42

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