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I am trying to detect whether a record is currently in an approval process.

This is similar to this question but a different approach. I want to use the status of the youngest ProcessInstance to determine if the record is currently pending approval.

The list of values for the ProcessInstance.Status picklist is below. I am trying to Understand which of these means the record is pending approval.

  • Approved
  • Rejected
  • Recalled
  • Fault
  • Pending
  • Hold
  • Reassigned
  • Submitted
  • NoResponse

I am sure Submitted and Pending mean the record is being approved. Hold, Reassigned and NoResponse are the ones I'm unsure of.

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You are corrected that statuses Submitted and Pending mean the record is in the approval process but not yet approved.

NoResponse: If the approval step requires unanimous approval and one approver rejects the request, the value of this field for the other approvers changes to NoResponse. Likewise, If approval is based on the first response and an approver responds, the value of this field for the other approvers changes to NoResponse

Reassigned: Sent to a delegated approver in the approval process

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This is great, thank you. Do you know what Hold means? – Daniel Blackhall Jan 16 '13 at 21:39

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