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How do I run burp scan? Do I have to buy a burp suite? What is partner license mentioned in this url?

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Burp is software that does security scanning on web applications. The goal of the software is to find security vulnerabilities.

Salesforce provides partners a security scan once a year. If you are not a salesforce partner, you could buy the software yourself.

To qualify as a salesforce partner and use the Burp Scanner you must:

  • Be enrolled in the AppExchange or OEM program, and have a Partner Portal login
  • Be current with your AppExchange Listing Fees
  • Application contains integrations with web-services not residing on the Platform. If your application completely resides on, please use the Security Source Scanner instead.
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My SFDC App sends request to two urls (both written by me). But they don't have UI and are just api's to a larger application which pulls and pushes data to Salesforce. Do I still need Burp Scanner. Contacting external service this way <apex:commandButton action="{!key}" image="{! $Resource.authBtn }"/> – Bhushan Lodha Jan 15 '13 at 6:07

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