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I understand that there is no page layouts, visual force in I have a requirement to put a simple front end in a webpage ( not mobile or tablet) where in users can edit values in objects. What are my options ? Any 3rd party tools which i can use or should i write a .net/ Java appl to query data from using REST/ SOAP ?

Note : I also want to do some simple reporting on the data in Please suggest.

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Right, Access would be REST/OAuth (or SOAP). You can build the interface in nearly anything, depends on what you are comfortable in working with.

If you have Java experience, one of the quickest ways to get up and running is grabbing a Heroku account, install Eclipse and Heroku plugin for Eclipse, and then use the Spring MVC template. It will create a Heroku Java app with the basics of REST and OAuth running, you basically just need to define a Connected App and put the credentials into the env variables.

However, there are also plenty of examples in other languages to get started with.

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