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My controller code is as follows -

       for(String resStr : responseArray){
            if(resStr.indexOf('r_error_str') != -1){
                responseString += resStr.substring(resStr.indexOf('=') + 1); 
                responseString += '\n';

but when i display this 'responseString ' String using 'apex:outputLabel or apex:outputText or as Exception message '\n' is not converting in new line. Whole String is coming in one line.

Can anyone explain why is this happining

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just use <br/> in controller and escape="false" in visualforce text.

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This does work of course, but if you're looking to publish on the AppExchange the use of escape="false" will be heavily frowned upon (from experience). – LaceySnr Dec 23 '12 at 0:26
It is not working if i set message in user define exception object as message and rending that at visual force page. It is showing <br/> at visual force error message. – Pramod Kumar Dec 23 '12 at 15:13

The simple answer is using '\n' will not work in HTML elements as it is just basically white space, google your problem and you'll get lots of results.

Could you possibly 'repeat' in your VF on the responseArray?

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  currentAddress = currentStreet;
        currentAddress += '\r\n';
        currentAddress += currentCity + + ' ' + currentState  + ' ' + currentZIP ;
        currentAddress += '\r\n';
        currentAddress += currentCountry;

using the '\r\n' works with outputtext .Please try same

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