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I love coding in the development edition of Salesforce. However I find it rather annyoing to fill in sample data for accounts, contacts, cases, etc. all by myself.

I wonder whether there is sample data avalaible somewhere that I can import and use in my DE.

Is there anything like that?

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When you start a dev org, it already has some sample data. Are you looking for more? – Daniel Hoechst Dec 20 '12 at 16:18
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Developer edition is generated from a DOT (Default Organizational Template) that has a set of data populated for common objects. For example, I have the following and more in my accounts list as soon as the org is enabled:

Burlington Textiles Corp of America
Grand Hotels and Resorts of America

Plus I have associated contacts, opportunities and cases.

If you don't have these it implies you are in a developer or configuration sandbox, which contains a copy of your production configuration, but no data.

You can create a set of default data to load into a sandbox (or other edition) - I've found its best to define external ids for parent records so that I don't have to upload accounts, then retrieve them and fix up the id on each contact, opportunity and case.

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Thanks! I just realized, that I worked on a sandbox all the time, not an DE. Problem solved! – mcbetz Dec 20 '12 at 16:55

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