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I want to do bulk entry for data in custom objects and wonder what would be the easiest way to do so.

I have three objects, Timesheet (the main object), Type and Details. Every Timesheet has multiple entries of Type. Every Type can have multiple entries of Details.

Here is a database setup of this (simplified) example: enter image description here

I am now wondering how to develop a form that allows bulk entry. Timesheet should be the main view, from where to enter the details. The + means that one can add another set of data, e.g. another detail with specific Room, Time and Day.

Here is a UI mockup:

enter image description here

How would you realize that? What would be the easiest Visualforce setup? Can I find any fully explained example or tutorial online?

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I posted a solution for the similar question. Check this answer out.Maybe it can help you. My idea was that the user can simply add or remove new items per button click.

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develop main page for TimeSheet and it have custom lookup for Type and it have to show link of Details object in custom lookup page. it is simple way.

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This answer is pretty incomplete. Could you please flesh it out with a longer explanation of what you're suggesting and how it would meet the OP's needs, or more instructions on how to actually accomplish it? – Benj Dec 26 '12 at 16:57

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