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Visualforce charts really feel somewhat BETA. The autolayout has some really strange behaviours. But my actual questions is:

Why does have a resizable attribute but no documentation explains how this will work?

Just setting this attribute does nothing but adding 8 pictures (resize handles) that get a 404 load error...

But without resizing a chart this is really inflexible. Don't you agree?!

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Charts were beta before the Winter '12 release, before that you had to specifically request access to it for your org. Two things to try: check the javascript console for other errors, and open a case with Salesforce. – tomlogic Jan 27 '13 at 17:42

I recognize this doesn't directly answer your question with respect to <apex:chart resizable="true"> not doing anything for you.

You might be interested in working around some of the limitations of SF's VisualForce and using Google Visualization Data Source and Google Chart Tools instead. CloudSpokes recently got on the Google Band Wagon by hosting a challenge to get creative by building a Customer Portal Dashboard using Google Chart Tools. The starting source code was posted on Git.

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Agreed, google charts are much easier to use and nicer default styles as well – Keith Mancuso Aug 20 '13 at 22:56

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