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I'm trying to satisfy a requirement for providing an API for communities users, where they can log into Salesforce, retrieve some data, and provide that back to a client. I have two questions around this that are related.

1) Can Salesforce Communities users log in with OAuth2 and the refresh token flow?

I found the following contrary point, but it is for username / password flow and not the refresh token flow:

2) And a follow up to the above question: Can the OAuth login page be branded?

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Yes, Communities users can use OAuth 2.0. Instead of, Use the Community URL as the prefix to the authorization URL - for example, See the section Configuring Authentication Flows with OAuth in Getting Started With Communities.

Yes, the Community login page can be branded. See the section Customizing Communities Login in the same doc.

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Clarified this as well. Just a note that the branding applies only to the communities / site page and not, for instance, Makes complete sense, but an important distinction. – James Loghry Aug 30 '14 at 1:26

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